"How did I get here?", "What happened?", "Who moved my cheese?" “What’s next?"

You might have asked yourself one of these questions or something close to it over the last two years.  We all have!  Something strange is going on around us and it feels very different.  We’ve been in career transitions before and we’ve landed before and maybe we’ve even been through it a couple of times over the last 20 years but, something has radically changed and we’re not feeling very comfortable at all.  Well, don’t worry, you’re not going crazy and you’re certainly not alone…………….!  But, yes, the marketplace has changed dramatically over the last 2-3 years and getting your next career gig will most likely not be a straight line process (resume, interview, job) anymore. No, those days are fading quickly and “they won’t be coming back”. 

But don’t despair or stress out.  Take a deep breath and realize that as businesses have had to change with the “new norm” so will you. 
Rather than one career strategy, you might need 2 or 3 or maybe even 4 career strategies going forward and most will leverage your experience, skills and accomplishments but they might be in a different space or segment of the marketplace.  You might need to explore leveraging your corporate career assets in the education space or the non-profit or even the association space.  Or, you might even consider consulting on your own or with others that you can affiliate or collaborate with. 

The key here is to avoid putting yourself into a “career corner” where you limit yourself to conducting a “traditional” job search; as opposed to expanding your thinking, branding and networking to discover what other potential options are out there.  It will be a journey over many new roads and feel like an adventure you’ve never experienced before, but if you “stay the course” and “keep the faith”, you’ll discover new opportunities and destinations you never realized were out there and, chances are that they just might be more exciting and invigorating than you ever thought. 

And……………………………as strange as this might sound, you might even be thankful for feeling a little lost!