The Great Career Divide

Have you ever asked yourself, “How the hell did I fall into this career rut”?  If you haven’t, you will.  If you have, relax, you’re not alone. You’ve got plenty of company!

You see, the very fact that you recognize you’re in a career rut means you’re actually getting ready for a change……….maybe, a real change!

Start out your mental journey with another question, “How do I begin to climb out of this career rut?”  Your desire to do something about it changes your attitude and attitude has everything to do with your happiness and success (however you define it).  So, even if you’re feeling worn out,  determine to do something about it, use that energy to take the first step in turning things around.

You know it won’t be easy and like kicking any habit, there is always pitfalls and backsliding.  But, you need to keep searching for a way out.  You can’t give up!  You can’t settle!  You’re too good for that and you know it!

Simply put, we ALL have to decide whether we picture ourselves as a VICTIM of our past choices or as a CAPTAIN of our future!  You’ve got to choose, you’ve got to commit, you’ve got to take this first step!

And you know, you can do it…………………..


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